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Most people take transportation for granted. We use our vehicles every single day and our lives are turned upside down when there is an issue that arises.


"I strive to give my customer's peace-of-mind knowing that they will reach their destination safely with their recently serviced vehicle." - Hamlet

We initially started this business because of our passion for cars and the desire to learn all about them. Although that passion is as strong as ever, a new passion motivates us to get up and come to work each and every day, and that is meeting new people within our community and knowing we are providing a service we can be proud of.


Let us show you what thousands of others have been experiencing for years! Oustanding customer service, quality work and reliable advice all from a trustworthy source. You deserve this. Your vehicle deserves this. Don't short change yourself by going to someone that won't think twice about taking your money and leaving you with more problems than before.

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